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Bridging the Gap

Between industry news and personal experience.

Random Gleanings: Optimism Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Optimism

Our latest Chartisphere gave some historical examples of five 6 month time frames that look quite similar to the last 6 months we've just experienced. We came away from the Chartisphere research feeling pretty optimistic, and in this Random Gleanings we provide a few more reasons we remain positive.

Investment Insights Random Gleanings
Chartisphere:  You Look Familiar Thumbnail

Chartisphere: You Look Familiar

Strong market moves like we've experienced over the last 6 months bring out the "bears" like food scraps at a campsite. While the recent surge may feel unprecedented, we've included 5 quite similar times in this Chartisphere that suggest it may not be different this time, and that a positive market can last longer than you might expect.

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