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Random Gleanings: December Update Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: December Update

Investment Insights Random Gleanings

Hello Friends,

In this update video, Chris and Jesse touch on

  • PP&W's recent move to their new permanent location (242 S. Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville, SC 29607)  (0:00 - 1:10)
  • Anticipated government stimulus & an eye on Georgia Senate runoff (1:10 - 2:55)
  • Value Stocks catch the trend & pay a dividend (2:55 - 5:04) 
    • SELF FACT CHECK - At the 4:23 mark, I (Jesse), mention the two factors of Growth and Value having never seen as wide a disparity in relative price.  This is not accurate.  From November 1999 - November 2000, during the tech bubble, the relative price of growth had exceeded the recent gap.  But since that period (20 years!) we've not seen such a discrepancy of performance. SOURCE: https://www.longtermtrends.net/growth-stocks-vs-value-stocks/
  • Vaccine Optimism & Business Resiliency (5:04 - 7:37)
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Recap & Thanks to YOU! (7:38 - 8:50)