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Welcome Friends! Thumbnail

Welcome Friends!

We thought you may enjoy a tour of the PP&W office; we are so excited to have you in!  

After a Spring where so many of us worked from home, some of you may have been wondering if our “new office” was really our old kitchen table.  Nope!  While technology has made remote meetings easier, we still very much enjoy meeting with you face-to-face (not to mention the benefits of camaraderie and idea sharing amongst our team).  As such, you asked (for pictures), and we deliver.

For those of you who have already come to visit, it was GREAT to see you!  For those of you who we’ve not seen for a while, we can’t wait to have you in.  And if you are someone we’ve not yet met, but seeking sound, candid financial advice, we are excited to meet you!  Whatever the case, we want you to know our doors are open and we’re happy to host.

Where to Find Us

Because all visitors must pass a sign at the main entrance that reads "Find Great People", I get a little self-esteem boost each morning when we walk in. Ha!

The Directory sign in the foyer behind the entry doors points you to us in Suite 215.  You may take the elevator (on the right in the picture) or the stairs if you prefer to get your steps in... options!

At the top of the stairs you'd turn left and find us at the end of the hallway.  Follow the Ampersand...

Coming through the door into our offices we were smart enough to put our best face forward - Kelly!

Meeting Spaces

"The Living Room"

Seeking to set-up a space where we could have meaningful conversation without the formality of a traditional office or conference room space we sought the expert design help of Jenny Kramer Decor.  We love the casual comfort and relaxed vibe the space offers, and we think you will too!

"The Dining Room"

For our second meeting area we wanted a more formal working space.  Whether sharing a meal or spreading out some documents to examine together, the six-foot, round-top table offers both a collaborative environment and appropriate social distance at the same time.

As shown in the pictures, both spaces are equipped with two large-screen monitors making available the opportunity to examine portfolios and planning numbers in a meaningful and easy to read manner.


If you are looking for Chris... "X" marks the spot.

You will find Lego's in the offices of both Chris and Jesse because there is something very satisfying for us both when a plan comes together.

Again, if we've not seen you in a while or you've not seen our new space we can't wait to have you in for a visit.  In the meantime, you can also keep up with some occasional updates on Facebook (here) or Instagram (here).  More to come...