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Why Now? Thumbnail

Why Now?

You may be wondering why we decided to start a new business in one of the worst economic and health scares of the last 100 years? Why leave the safety of a corporate-affiliated company and go independent?

The reason is simple. We knew it was time.

Time to better connect with our clients. Time to offer them more choices. Time to be a better partner to them. We can do this because for the last nine years we (Chris & Jesse) have worked side-by-side creating plans and strategies for our clients. We are confident that by sticking together, under this new structure, our ability to provide planning and investment strategies should be strengthened for clients. We are building Professional Planning & Wealth on the foundation of offering ethical and prudent advice to anyone looking to optimize their wealth.

The financial confidence you create today paints a picture of what your family’s future will look like tomorrow. That’s why we balance the importance of living in the present with a focus on thoughtfully and prudently preparing for the future. How do we do this? By working directly with you in developing your family’s customized wealth strategy - one that’s carefully tailored and implemented according to your goals.

We are here because no matter what is happening in the rest of the world, we know we can focus on creating the strategy you need and deserve. We are based in Greenville, one of the most modern and growing cities in the Southeast. But our reach goes beyond Greenville. We are a firm that serves the entire Southeast by design (and Wisconsin, Texas, and Michigan by wonderful association). We know our skills in financial planning, wealth management and creating solutions will be the assets you can utilize in the mission of growing your portfolio and having a life well planned. 

As we make our first steps in this bold new adventure, we want you to feel confident in that walk with us.