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PP&W Corporate Cash

In this continued low interest rate environment, many decision makers are examining their options for cash and considering if their current investment policy is sufficient.  Preservation of principal continues to be a focus, but there is growing impatience with cash yields at zero percent or a few basis points.

As liquidity and cash reserves for business become more established, the search for incremental portfolio improvement is important.  The trade-off is that decision makers must be willing to accept some amount of variable returns and fluctuation.  There is, however, important information to be gained at the conservative end of the spectrum, which we believe may be of benefit to your organization.

PP&W can assist your Governance Committee with:

  • Considering the advantages & disadvantages of alternate strategies
  • Investment Policy Development: Assistance with creation & execution of policy for investment selection & ongoing monitoring
  • Asset Allocation: Diversification across a variety of investment types with different risk-return characteristics
  • Manager Search & Selection: managers fitting a particular profile for inclusion, with low costs and transparency as the priority
  • Portfolio recommendations & changes implemented in collaboration with your Investment Committee

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