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PP&W Endowment Services

Every endowment investment plan is established to fulfill your organization’s long-term mission.  Ironically, the time at which resources are most needed from your endowment will most likely be during a time of market stress.  This causes a quite unique challenge for your organization.

You need a partner with the wisdom, experience and aligned interests to guide your organization through challenging periods to sustain and grow your mission for future success.  Together, as part of your team, we will monitor and work toward your Committee’s initiatives for the future.

Why should you choose PP&W Endowment Services?

  • Committee Development & Education: assistance with the implementation of best practices for ongoing fiduciary governance
  • Donor Development via portfolio reporting & capital markets, intended to help drive donor confidence and engagement
  • ESG Investing: alignment of portfolio with values and ethics
  • Fee Benchmarking
  • Investment & Spending Policy Development
  • Discretionary Investment Management based upon stated guidelines and objectives
  • Trustee/Custodian search
  • Manager Search & Selection
  • Reporting & Presentations on Progress

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