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PP&W Family Charitable Planning

We as humans are wired to be generous, and we all have something to give.  That’s why we work to share the resources and knowledge to support your charitable journey. 

Like all things that matter in life, philanthropy should be planned for.  How do you give to charity today?  Many families practice “checkbook philanthropy”, which means donating by simply writing a check.

With the change in tax law in 2018, it is more important than ever to take a strategic approach to your charitable giving, which may enable you to maximize your tax benefits and create a bigger impact with your donations.

Our decades of experience serving as advisor to Private Client families can help with:

  • Family Philanthropic Planning – Consultation to help families realize the possibilities for a more meaningful impact for generations to come
  • Charitable Gift Planning – Advice and plan development to help you better accomplish your charitable and philanthropic intentions
  • Integration of Charitable Giving into your Financial Planning and Wealth Management strategies

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