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Random Gleanings: Are Bonds Busted? Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Are Bonds Busted?

Random Gleanings

Bonds are traditionally thought of as part of an asset allocation strategy that is meant to ballast the overall against downside volatility... and NORMALLY that has been true.  Not so much in 2022.  Jesse and Chris talk through the difficulty of the year so far, particularly around the fact that "conservative" allocations have seen nearly as much downside performance as the "aggressive" allocations.  Very unusual.  

Additionally, the guys celebrate Moms in advance of Mother's Day and share some lessons they've each learned from the Mom's in their lives.

Charts from the video below (ALL YEAR-TO-DATE (YTD) CHARTS ARE THROUGH MARKET CLOSE 5/3/2022):

Year to date returns as of market close 5/3/2022