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Random Gleanings: How's Your Portfolio!? Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: How's Your Portfolio!?

Random Gleanings

Markets have been TOUGH in 2022. The Second Quarter of the year so far has been downright UGLY, and we're only halfway through it.  In this episode, Jesse goes back to revisit Chris's call to action at the beginning of Q2 where the primary suggestion was to be "Paying Attention" to the changes at hand in the markets.  From there they look at what has happened in the equity markets since, and work through some of the challenges that lie ahead.  Finally, they provide some light of the likelihood of opportunities that may present even within the haze of this environment.   

If you happen to be checking in on Professional Planning & Wealth, not as a client, but as a visitor and find challenges with how your portfolio has performed to this point in the year - schedule with our team through Calendly at your convenience here or call our office at (864)626.4380.  

Find the CHARTS from our video below: