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Random Gleanings: Markets: Defensive or Aggressive? Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Markets: Defensive or Aggressive?

Random Gleanings

This week's episode of Random Gleanings has Chris and Jesse discussing which side of the proverbial scrimmage line they are standing on - Offense or Defense - on portfolio construction. They share some research components behind the PP&W Risk Management Process that guides the decision-making process on how to position portfolios defensively or offensively.  

Finally, the guys offer a reminder to take a mid-year assessment on your savings goals, and taxes, and perhaps some ways to lower taxes for 2022.

As always, we welcome YOUR feedback. Hit up the team at info@proplanwealth.com to ask a question, offer a comment, or make a suggestion for future episodes.  

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  Find all the charts from the video below: