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Protect Your Credit: FREEZE IT!

March 14, 2023 9:52 am

In this month’s A$AP, Chris shares a personal story from a friend of his who was a victim of identity theft and through that experience learned how to protect himself through freezing his credit. 

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LOVE Yourself! Pay Yourself First

February 13, 2023 11:05 am

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Financial Resolutions? Start the New Year Strong!

January 4, 2023 4:06 pm

Happy New Year! Get your year started strong by cleaning up any left-over Holiday expenses and recommitting to saving for your future.

Kelly Eldridge, CPFA, shares good tips and new 401(k) plan limits to encourage you towards Financial Wellness in 2023!

ASAP December Year End tips 2022

December 12, 2022 9:44 am

As this year nears it's completion, consider these helpful tips to finish the year strong and get yourself off to a great start to the New Year to come.

Check out this A$AP Finance for some quick tips on best practices to maintaining your Financial Wellness!

A$AP Finance: Holiday Shopping Priorities

November 11, 2022 11:53 am

Gift giving is great, but not if it wreaks havoc on your budget and brings on stress that can be avoided with a little planning and strategy.

Check out this A$AP Finance for some quick tips on maintaining your generosity, while also maintaining your Financial Wellness!

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