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Random Gleanings is the video blog of two friends and founding partners of  PP&W talking “shop” on market trends, economic influences, financial planning ideas and recent news that pertains to moving your household or business ahead financially. 

Use RG to catch up on the latest news and trends we believe are important, shared by the decision makers in their own words on a regular basis.


Taking from reputable sources from around the web, Chartisphere offers the written thoughts and opinions of Chris & Jesse.  The guys make a case for their current (& loosely held) market convictions based around helpful charts that illustrate either historical relevance or current trends that should not be ignored.

                                                                                                                       Use the Chartisphere to challenge or confirm your "gut feeling" on markets, or for a quick check on the latest thoughts of two guys who are paying attention.

Have a question you’d like to see discussed by Chris and Jesse?  

Send an email to info@proplanwealth.com titled “Random Gleanings” and we’ll get you an answer either by email or in one of our future episodes.

Random Gleanings: Persistent Inflation? Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Persistent Inflation?

Where do markets go from here? Chris starts with an interesting chart on where we were through 48 trading days (March 11) compared to other worst starts to a year, and the surprising results for stocks for the remainder of those other years. He and Jesse then talk through a uniquely challenging difference we are facing in 2022 from the other top years... Rising Inflation! The big question then is whether the Fed beginning a rate hike cycle (0.25% earlier this week) with an expressed commitment to stymie inflation will be enough???

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Buy the Invasion??? Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Buy the Invasion???

This week in the market we saw the S&P 500 dip into correction territory while the Nasdaq composite got down into the dreaded Bear market. All of this and we saw a hot war kick off with Russia invading Ukraine. YIKES!! In this update, the fellas at PP&W talk through what historical precedents suggest, how the consumer and Corporate America are looking, and more.

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Mid-Term Volatility, Earnings Matter (again), Sector Rotation, & Olympic Atrocity Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Mid-Term Volatility, Earnings Matter (again), Sector Rotation, & Olympic Atrocity

2022 markets have started off choppy, Jesse introduces some historical perspective on how volatility has picked up early in mid-term election years. Next, Chris speaks to the varied results after earnings calls from Google, Amazon, and Facebook... one of these is not like the others! The guys then talk through the difference in economic sector performance year to date, and Chris closes with a rant on the Olympic scenery. Enjoy!

Random Gleanings