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Random Gleanings is the video blog of two friends and founding partners of  PP&W talking “shop” on market trends, economic influences, financial planning ideas and recent news that pertains to moving your household or business ahead financially. 

Use RG to catch up on the latest news and trends we believe are important, shared by the decision makers in their own words on a regular basis.


Taking from reputable sources from around the web, Chartisphere offers the written thoughts and opinions of Chris & Jesse.  The guys make a case for their current (& loosely held) market convictions based around helpful charts that illustrate either historical relevance or current trends that should not be ignored.

                                                                                                                       Use the Chartisphere to challenge or confirm your "gut feeling" on markets, or for a quick check on the latest thoughts of two guys who are paying attention.

Have a question you’d like to see discussed by Chris and Jesse?  

Send an email to info@proplanwealth.com titled “Random Gleanings” and we’ll get you an answer either by email or in one of our future episodes.

Random Gleanings: Stock Market Rebound or Recession? Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Stock Market Rebound or Recession?

We've just experienced two quarters of negative GDP which has historically been a signal that we are in recession. Washington is telling us that we are NOT in recession. What's the deal with that??? Chris and Jesse tackle this question along with sharing some thoughts on what's happening in earnings season, what the Fed is talking about and more. We hope you'll Subscribe, Share, & Enjoy this latest Random Gleanings from PP&W! Got a question for us to discuss? Let us know at info@proplanwealth.com

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Mid-Year Review - What We Got Right vs Wrong Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Mid-Year Review - What We Got Right vs Wrong

The first six months of 2022 have been the WORST first half of a year in 50 years. Typically, when stocks sell-off, bonds do well! Unfortunately, NOT so far in 2022. Given the challenges of this environment, Jesse & Chris take a look back at the first half of the year and take stock of what they have gotten right... AND wrong, as candor is a core value of PP&W. Beyond the review, the guys offer some thoughts on what to be watching for the remainder of the year.

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Markets: Defensive or Aggressive? Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Markets: Defensive or Aggressive?

This week's episode of Random Gleanings has Chris and Jesse discussing which side of the proverbial scrimmage line they are standing on - Offense or Defense - on portfolio construction. They share some research components behind the PP&W Risk Management Process that guides the decision-making process on how to position portfolios defensively or offensively. Finally, the guys offer a reminder to take a mid-year assessment on your savings goals, and taxes, and perhaps some ways to lower taxes for 2022. We hope you will Enjoy, Share & Subscribe!

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Is This a Recession? Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Is This a Recession?

Recessions are defined officially by economic calculations - two consecutive quarters of shrinking GDP - but I think it is fair to say that those of us who are not economists have a sense when the economic engine starts to stutter. So... are we in a recession? We'll have to wait for the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) to tell us officially, but preparing now for how we will manage our investments for the next expansion can be helpful. Thank you for watching! Subscribe & Share.

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Inflation Nation Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Inflation Nation

"Look I was wrong about the path inflation would take." - Janet Yellen The May Consumer Price Index (CPI) report comes out on Friday (June 10, 2022) and there is some reason to think it continues to come off the highs (8.5% March... 8.3% April), but regardless, it sure doesn't feel like the good ol' days of 2019! Speaking of inflation... Price stability (read: Inflation management) is a primary responsibility of the Federal Reserve, and while low unemployment is to be celebrated it is causing problems for the Fed's fight against inflation. See the fellas from PP&W discuss these topics and more in this latest episode of Random Gleanings.

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Now & Later - Why Markets Are So Challenging Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Now & Later - Why Markets Are So Challenging

Markets cannot be predicted, but an understanding of market history can provide some context for making some assumptions on what may be to come. The challenge of this market right now is there are some signals that can support both bullish and bearish outcomes. As such, defining one's time horizon (accumulator vs distributor), managing risk, and some humility in navigating these choppy waters remains prudent. Chris and Jesse tackle the topic of some Now & Later signals, discuss the "Rule of 20" as it pertains to inflation and stock valuations, and recognize the separation of duties between the Federal Reserve and the White House coming out of a recent meeting. Enjoy, Share, Subscribe!

Random Gleanings