“I’m Back, Baby!”
• George Costanza (Seinfeld, Season 5, Ep.1)
• Frank Costanza (Seinfeld, Season 8 Ep. 7)
• S&P 500 New All Time High (January 19, 2024)

Before last week, it had been more than two full years since the S&P 500 had logged a new All Time High (ATH). When it did, as fans of Seinfeld, those of us in the PP&W offices could imagine the personified index shouting out “I’m back, Baby!”.

If you’re anything like us, we can all celebrate seeing it finally arrive back at these heights. That said, it may have raised the question for many of you… Is this a good thing or a bad thing for stocks from here? We get into that question in this episode as well as some practical items you may consider with the market back at these levels.

0:00 – Intro
0:18 – All Time Highs – Is that Good or Bad?
3:46 – Action Item at All Time Highs
4:25 – Positive but Cautious
11:55 – Address Your Risk Objectives
12:26 – Recommendations & Close

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