“It just occurred to me that the opposite of Artificial Intelligence is… Real Stupid.” – unknown

It has only been six months since the initial release of ChatGPT but already artificial intelligence has seemingly taken over the social consciousness dominating the headlines of news articles and serving as the promise of a better, more productive world throughout Q1 earning’s calls. Jesse Hansford and Chris Beard offer some thoughts on the enormous potential of this new technology, while at the same time remembering some of the hype around technologies of the past.

Perhaps, one future solution for AI will be to better manage the Fed Funds Rate to avoid inflation, or maybe AI could balance the federal budget and avoid debt ceiling fights. Until then, however, we’re stuck with our elected or appointed officials to figure this stuff out, and currently that arrangement has created some legitimate macro-economic headwinds for stocks to march higher without some potential interruption.

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00:00 Intro
0:31 AI Headlines
1:31 AI Practicality
1:56 Hedgies Buy AI?
2:56 Hype and Underestimation
5:52 Is the Fed Done?
6:27 Not So Fast: Kashkari & Bullard
8:28 Regional Banks: Checking In
8:53 CA$H MONEY!!!
9:39 Mortgage Originations
11:05 Outro