The news of the week will be Nvidia’s earnings call. While Jesse & Chris touch on that subject in this week’s episode, the majority of the discussion is spent on the challenge of the current environment – the consideration of Strong Earnings & Massive Corporate Cash Hoards against the Continued Challenges of low unemployment and how that all translates potentially to continued inflation. They also investigate the recent correlation between stocks and bonds (moving in tandem) and the challenges that creates for a diversified investor.

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0:00 – Intro on Current Inflation
0:20 – Positive Market Backdrop
2:30 – Higher for Longer… again?
3:01 – Sticky Inflation?
4:46 – Inflation of the last 3 Years
6:10 – Stock & Bond Correlation
7:29 – Trouble with Positive Correlation
10:48 – Nvidia Earnings
11:58 – Off Hours Recommendations
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