In what will be the last Random Gleanings episode of October, Chris and Jesse stay on theme to their Planning Month initiative of encouraging planning through the example of ways it may help you meet your goals in a more tax-efficient way. This week’s episode covered the idea of “Gift Bunching” through the use of highly appreciated stock and a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). If these are all foreign concepts, don’t worry, the guys walk you through it all. As always, they offer some current thoughts on the Economy & Markets and close out sharing some Recommendations for your leisure time!

0:00 – PLANNING: Tax Strategies for Charitable Giving
0:40 – Non-Deductible Giving
2:16 – Gift Bunching for Deductibility
3:32 – Donor Advised Fund (DAF)
4:33 – Planning Example
10:08 – DAF Disclaimer
11:20 – ECONOMY & MARKETS: Earnings Season
14:23 – Inflation?

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