This week, Random Gleanings digs deeper into questions for an Economist with Bryce Gill from First Trust. Shifting to a look ahead into 2024 this week (see last week’s review of 2023) Bryce shares a general forecast for the coming year before Jesse & Chris dive in with more specific questions pertaining to:

– The Fed’s 2% Inflation Target – Is it achievable, or is it even the right target?
– Will unemployment numbers serve to signal potential trouble ahead?
– Will the Inverted Yield Curve maintain it’s perfect record in “predicting” recession? Or is the Yield Curve broken?
– Credit Spreads look Bullish. Right or Wrong?
– What could go RIGHT in 2024?
– Election Ramifications
– Reshoring Opportunity
– And a Million Dollar Question (😉) to close things out.

With a goal of having more guest panelists add to our conversations in the coming year, please share your feedback on what it is you’d like to learn more about, or who you’d like to see us interview.

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – 2024 Forecast
2:25 – 2% Inflation Target – Is it Possible?
6:13 – Unemployment Signals?
8:27 – Inverted Yield Curve – What Gives?
12:02 – Absence of Credit Risk – Right or Wrong?
14:10 – What Could Go Right in 2024?
15:47 – 2024 Election Market Ramifications?
17:25 – Reshoring Opportunities?
18:28 – Million Dollar Closing Question 😉

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