Some attribute the BULL & BEAR Wall Street colloquialism to a brutal pastime of mid-nineteenth century California… taken from the Santa Cruz State Park website – “Prior to the mid-1860s, the spectacle of brutal bear and bull fights were enjoyed on the Sabbath after church services.” After Church… WHAT!?!?!

Anyway… the debate between the “bulls” and “bears” this year has been as strong as Jesse & Chris can remember over their years, with validity coming from both camps. The guys start with where the debate currently stands and present some evidence from both sides. Beyond that, given the current expectation of a Fed hitting the pause button on their rate movements, they look at how bonds have historically performed when this has occurred.

0:00 – Intro
0:44 – Bulls vs Bears, the Debate Points
1:12 – Earnings Update
2:00 – Low Volatility
2:35 – Inflation – Wholesale vs Retail
5:05 – The FED, a Pause Pivot?
5:30 – Bonds after Peak Policy Rate
7:25 – Concentric Circles of Risk