If you have already attained a level of wealth and comfort with your finances this episode may not be for you… BUT WAIT! Most assuredly, you know someone who would benefit from getting a better handle on their finances. Whether it be the wealthy worrier, the high earner/ high(er?) spender, or simply someone who is starting out in life needing some pointers to building their own financial freedom, the guidance in this video is practical and helpful. Simply stated, the guys share how they improved their own financial standing by first inspecting what they expected.

0:00 – Intro & SHARE!
0:22 – Financial Life Stories… Digging a Hole
2:05 – Inspect What You Expect
4:32 – Prodigious Accumulator of Wealth
7:38 – Key Performance Indicators
10:28 – Tracking Tools
12:10 – THANK YOU!! Subscribe & Share

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