On lower-than-expected inflation (CPI & Core CPI) news today (November 14th, 2023) seemingly had both stocks and bonds celebrating. This week’s episode had Chris and Jesse looking squarely at the macro-asset classes of Stocks & Bonds. On Stocks, the guys pull back the curtain on the surprising fact that “great” companies simply haven’t participated in gains this year. On Bonds, they take a look at how the “conservative” asset class is on track for it’s first ever three-year consecutive losing streak. Of course, if fixing inflation fixes all that ails us, perhaps some normalcy will return to markets in short-order…???

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0:00 – LOW CPI
0:29 – No New Highs in 2023
1:30 – Dividend Stocks vs the S&P 500???
4:50 – Bond Bear Market
9:07 – Planning – Lifetime Wealth Ratio
10:04 – Recommendations