Random Gleanings welcomes a great guest, Bryce Gill – Economist for First Trust, into the studio for a information packed episode covering the year that was from an economist’s point of view. Chris and Jesse question Gill on everything from the 2023 Recession that never came, to the tech rally, bank failures, major commercial real estate issues, and whether the dragon of inflation has been slayed. There was so much to cover in fact, that these topics cover just episode one of a two-part interview. We hope you’ll enjoy the dialogue and learn something interesting to share at an upcoming holiday party.

0:00 – Intro & Welcome Bryce Gill
1:15 – False Positives for Forecasting
3:30 – 2023 Tech Rally Explained?
5:21 – 2023 Bank Failures now Forgotten?
7:21 – Commercial Real Estate Contagion?
9:44 – Inflation: Over or Sticky?
12:52 – Labor Costs – A Paradigm Shift
16:17 – Outro & THANKS!

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