In this Random Gleanings, Chris Beard and Jesse Hansford take on the big data drops coming out this week. Recording on Tuesday (12/13), CPI data had just come out, and it was a positive surprise. The guys work through while that it’s certainly positive for inflation to be coming down, there remain some notable challenges ahead… especially with the Federal Reserve continuing to put pressure on the economy with a higher Fed Funds Rate.

While the guys are eager to offer HOLIDAY CHEER it’s unfortunately Downtrends, Inverted Yield Curves, Outrageous Car Loans, Hardship Withdrawals and more that make up this cautious (hopefully not Grinchy) look ahead as we approach Christmas and year-end.

Good times will come again, no doubt, but we’ll keep calling it as the data demands we should be seeing it with a goal of adding value to those we serve and those of you who watch or listen.

As we prepare for a 2022 Year in Review, if there was something we said this year that really stuck out to you or you’ve got BIG questions heading into the 2023 we’d love to hear from you.