Much has been made over the “Magnificent 7” stocks over the last 15 months. The companies that comprise this Marvel-esque squad of super stocks are Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia, Amazon, Meta (Facebook), Alphabet (Google), & Tesla. But after more than a year of gains predominantly concentrated in these names, as the calendar turned to 2024, the leadership seems to have narrowed even further. In this episode, Jesse & Chris discuss how the Mag-7 look more like the Fab-4 in 2024, what narrowing leadership may portend for stocks in general, and other components of the market to consider given historical trends.

0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Net Income of Mag 7 & Everyone Else
1:48 – YTD Performance of Mag 7
3:38 – What about Smaller Companies?
6:56 – But Small Caps have Been Negative…
8:27 – Super Bowl LVIII Picks
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