After a week away for some Thanksgiving travel and family time, Chris Beard & Jesse Hansford were thankful to be back at the table and talking turkey (instead of eating it!) about what’s happened since the previous RG, and ideas for what may happen next.

This episode is centered around the question of whether or not a RECESSION is looming, and if so, what it means for the STOCKS. The guys find some useful research stats on what we should be paying attention to so as to confirm recession concerns, and then what happens to stocks as we enter a recession.

The point is made that with heightened attention to mitigating downside risks, and readiness to take advantage of opportunities when presented with them, concern over a coming recession is no reason to abandon an investment plan. If however, YOU, aren’t receiving that risk management attention… maybe it’s time you do! Reach out to us at with questions or for the chance to sit down together.

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