Regardless of whether you think Artificial Intelligence will be the biggest technological revolution of all-time, the downfall of humanity, or somewhere in between the topic and participating stocks have sucked up all the oxygen in the stock market and financial media over the last 12-18 months. While there have been plenty of companies/stocks that have benefited from the AI hype, none compare to the meteoric rise of NVIDIA. Maker of the preeminent microchips that meet the enormous processing need and speed of AI technology, NVIDIA (NVDA) has grown from a market cap of $280B, to the fourth largest stock in the US with a $1.8T (👈TRILLION!!) market cap… in 16 months! WHOA!

In this week’s episode Chris & Jesse take a look at the current King of Stocks, NVIDIA in advance of their much anticipated earnings call, scheduled for Feb 21 after the market close. Additionally, the guys discuss Tuesday’s inflation print (CPI) that came in a bit hotter than expected, and close it out discussing who you should have been rooting for in the Super Bowl based on the coincident indicator of past years when either the 49ers or Chiefs have won (note: Coincident indicators are not predictive… just fun!).

0:00 – Subscriber Shout-out & Intro
0:39 – NVIDIA – Let’s take a Look
1:20 – NVIDIA – Surpassing the Giants
3:32 – NVIDIA – Historical Comps??
9:03 – CPI Inflation Update
10:49 – CASH: Good News (?) of High Inflation
12:36 – Super Bowl (Coincident) Indicator
13:12 – Super Bowl Commercial Review
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