This week Random Gleanings takes on the Election! But… if you are looking for Chris or Jesse to tip their hand on who they favor at the polls, you’ll be disappointed. The guys instead work to stick to their lane – MARKETS. The big takeaway??? Presidents may take credit for strong markets, or the media may blame them for poor markets, but markets are overwhelmingly positive across different presidents regardless of political affiliation. Beyond that, you’ll discover some surprising stats on market history during an electoin year.

0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Which Political Party is Better for Markets?
1:24 – Average Election Year
3:03 – Investor Mistakes in Election Years
6:06 – Direction of Country Survey and Stocks
8:38 – Investing Based on Politics
9:52 – Best/Worst Market President
11:34 – What are you Watching?
12:24 – THANKS!

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