Whether you’re enjoying March Madness, or are anticipating the Masters, most of us have experienced seeing someone on an amazing hot streak in basketball or golf, only to see the hot streak of shots or putts crash and burn before the end of their game or tournament. Having witnessed enough of these things we can grow suspicious of anything that moves positively in one direction for “too long”. Well… with the stock market in a hot streak of it’s own presently – 100+ days without so much as a 2% pullback – Chris and Jesse explore the history of these rare occurrences. TLDR – Historically speaking, it has not only not been bad, it has been rather good!

0:00 –100 Days, Not Even a 2% Pullback
0:38 – History of Such a Streak
3:05 – Another Reason to Remain Positive
4:03 – Rate Cuts Expected, But Why??
5:21 – History of a Rate Cut at All-Time Highs
7:33 – Recommendations
8:44 – Thank You, Subscribe & Share!!

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