As we approach year end 2023, the price targets are starting to pop up for what analysts are expecting for 2024. If you have kept up with these year end analyst’s “predictions” for any length of time, you may have concluded (RIGHTLY!) that in aggregate they almost always look about the same – very positive. In this episode of Random Gleanings, Jesse and Chris talk through the ordinariness of strongly positive expectations, and then question with data if there are any risks to the analysts routine assumptions given the economic backdrop currently.

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0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Analyst 12 Mo. Price Targets
2:12 – Fundamental Risks to Price Targets
3:18 – Macro Risks to Price Targets
4:16 – Performance of “Best Stocks” since 2022
5:25 – Asset Allocation since 2022
6:50 – Valuations by Market Cap
8:39 – Markets Summary
9:11 – Recommendations