The episode this week is short and sweet, but includes A MUST DO ACTION ITEM… Let’s Tax Plan! Sure, tax day has just passed, and with that now past thinking more about taxes may be the last thing you want to do. But, Chris Beard & Jesse Hansford encourage that now is the time! Whether it be that you have your newly filed 1040 readily available to share, or the tax bill caused you enough heartache that you’d like to strategize for a potentially better outcome next year, getting started now ensures that the time to execute or distractions of year-end holidays don’t keep you from finding any advantage available to you for 2024 and then getting it done.

With PP&W’s commitment to adding value we made a recent investment into an expert level tax planning tool to increase the efficiency of this sort of review and planning. With this efficiency we are encouraging all clients (and friends/family of clients who aren’t getting this service elsewhere) to share your 2023 tax return to help you find every advantage the tax code offers you to improve your tax outcomes now and/or in the future.

0:00 –Tax Planning, Give Yourself Some Runway
1:05 – Let’s Examine Your 2023 Return
1:52 – Tax Brackets Now vs Past
3:42 – Benefits of Tax Planning
7:55 – Recommendations
8:25 – Share Your Return for Tax Planning!

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