A week away from recording Random Gleanings had us thinking about a slight format change, which we hope you will appreciate. Moving forward, our goal will be to provide a Financial Planning or actionable related topic, offer current market/economic thoughts from our daily research, and share a recommendation or two on things we’ve been reading, watching, or entertained by in the prior week. We start this week with some SECURE Act 2.0 RMD changes, hit on the challenging market environment of the last 20 months, and finish with some streaming recommendations from both Chris Beard and Jesse Hansford, which coincidentally are both sports related.

0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Planning Topic – RMDs at 73
2:18 – Qualified Charitable Donations
2:42 – Economy & Markets
2:52 – Liz Young – Bearish in a Bull Market?
3:51 – Sector Strength Signals
5:20 – Stocks Since 2022
6:36 – Fed Funds Rate 20 year high
7:56: Yield Curve
10:31 – Economy & Markets Summary
12:27 – Recommendations
14:27 – Thanks & Subscribe!