The world is a crazy place right now… maybe it always has been, but between the mixed signals confusing the inflation fight & markets, we also have two of the richest men on Earth threatening each other to a cage match. WHAT?!?! This week’s Random Gleanings gives Jesse Hansford & Chris Beard a chance to chew through some of these topics to see if anything can be distilled for investing opportunity amongst all the noise.

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0:00 – Intro
0:10 – Powell Inflation Word Cloud
1:41 – Don’t Fight the Fed
2:18 – Market Rate Expectations
2:53 – Fed Rate Expectations
3:45 – These things don’t happen in Bear Markets
5:40 – These things don’t happen in Bull Markets
7:13 – S&P vs Median Stock (NO BREADTH)
8:17 – Charlie Munger’s Confused
8:36 – Billionaire Fight Club