Recorded on Halloween, the Random Gleanings tandem of Chris Beard & Jesse Hansford offer some thoughts on the “tricks and treats” of this current market environment.

Kicking off with the “treats” the guys talk through the reporting of decent Q3 earnings (so far, anyway), and seasonality being the best it gets in a four year presidential cycle.

Moving on to the “tricks” (or at least trick-y aspect) of the present economic set-up is a pretty strong suggestion that fed funds rate stays higher for longer than many may be bargaining for and a recognition that the alarm bell has officially rung on the “recession count-down clock” – an inversion of the 90 day / 10 year treasury yields.

Tune in for these topics along with supporting charts in this week’s Random Gleanings. (Want a closer look at the charts? Email us at for a copy of our written version with charts included.)

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