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Random Gleanings is the video blog of two friends and founding partners of  PP&W talking “shop” on market trends, economic influences, financial planning ideas and recent news that pertains to moving your household or business ahead financially. 

Use RG to catch up on the latest news and trends we believe are important, shared by the decision makers in their own words on a regular basis.


Taking from reputable sources from around the web, Chartisphere offers the written thoughts and opinions of Chris & Jesse.  The guys make a case for their current (& loosely held) market convictions based around helpful charts that illustrate either historical relevance or current trends that should not be ignored.

                                                                                                                       Use the Chartisphere to challenge or confirm your "gut feeling" on markets, or for a quick check on the latest thoughts of two guys who are paying attention.

Have a question you’d like to see discussed by Chris and Jesse?  

Send an email to info@proplanwealth.com titled “Random Gleanings” and we’ll get you an answer either by email or in one of our future episodes.

Random Gleanings: Market Reflections on Mid-Term Elections Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Market Reflections on Mid-Term Elections

One month out from the Mid-Term Elections, Chris Beard & Jesse Hansford go to the charts for some historical perspective on the connection of MARKETS and POLITICS. It turns out there is a stronger correlation of the year in the presidential cycle to market expectations than there is evidence of one party having better performance. If we remove political worries, what about INFLATION? Well... maybe that is the current boogeyman that we needn't worry too much over the next 5 or 10 years - based on some market evidence. If not politics or inflation, then what about the STRENGTH of the US DOLLAR acting as a wrecking ball? The guys discuss that, YES, as long as the dollar keeps climbing it will create a headwind for asset prices... BUT... turns in dollar strength can happen quickly too and offer a tailwind instead. Volatile markets offer more questions than answers, but Chris and Jesse hope you gain something from their efforts to provide some information through their research process that is not widely shared on the business channels. Hope you will Enjoy, Share and Subscribe to these Random Gleanings!

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Inflation Down & Markets Too?!? WHAT!? Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Inflation Down & Markets Too?!? WHAT!?

Inflation is down... YEAH! Markets went down too... WHAT THE HECK!? The PP&W team talk the good news of headline inflation (#CPI) continuing to cool off, while tempering their excitement on this news based on the same day market ($SPX) reaction which was nasty. If a bad market day has you thinking it's now time to bring your entire future financial goals to the bank... the fellas provide some reasons to think again, and an alternative which may make for a better short-term holding spot. Finally, the passing of Her Majesty (RIP QUEEN) had Chris and Jesse looking at her reign as you might expect... from the markets point of view.

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Deflation Possible Soon??? Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Deflation Possible Soon???

In this Random Gleanings Chris & Jesse are celebrating lower prices at the pump! Chris offers some history on how falling gas prices - or even stable gas prices - have historically had a very desirable correlation to the direction of inflation moving lower. With inflation being the scary headline du-jour, if inflation does begin to abate in relation to falling gas prices we begin to ask: could "less bad" news start to become good news for markets? The fellas go on to provide some additional evidence in support of the possibility of lowering inflation numbers and some reasons to get a little more constructive in the face of such negativity. Then, for you college football fans, Jesse invites Chris to wax philosophical on the potential quarterback controversy brewing in Tiger-town.

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Electric Avenue Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Electric Avenue

Price at the pump has cooled off from it's worst prices back in the early summer, but if you know where to look there are some signals that energy may still be challenging. Then there's the JOLTS (Job Opening and Labor Turnover Survey) number that we've been talking about the Fed wanting to see come down, but DIDN'T in August!! As such, inflation and the Fed waging war against it with rate hikes remains the challenge facing the markets presently. Listen in as Jesse & Chris chat through these topics, learn a little German and Polish, and work to provide some clarity on what's happening now in markets.

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Goin' to Jackson Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Goin' to Jackson

In the 1967 Johnny Cash country romp, Jackson, June Carter dares Johnny to "Go play your hand you big-talkin' man". Markets are currently daring Jay Powell to do the same in Jackson (Hole, WY) this week. Carter's dare though comes with a prediction for her "big-talkin" husband when she follows with, "Make a big fool of yourself." Jay Powell is unlikely to make a big fool of himself in Friday's comments, but he will be walking a tightrope of communicating a desire to stay hawkish on the inflation fight while not too hawkish so as to push the economy into certain and difficult recession. This week, Chris & Jesse offer some thoughts on Jackson Hole, the slowdown in housing, the effects of Dollar strengthening (and eventual opportunity (?) of dollar weakening), and the inflationary effect on tailgating to help you prep your menu before football starts!

Random Gleanings