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Random Gleanings is the video blog of two friends and founding partners of  PP&W talking “shop” on market trends, economic influences, financial planning ideas and recent news that pertains to moving your household or business ahead financially. 

Use RG to catch up on the latest news and trends we believe are important, shared by the decision makers in their own words on a regular basis.


Taking from reputable sources from around the web, Chartisphere offers the written thoughts and opinions of Chris & Jesse.  The guys make a case for their current (& loosely held) market convictions based around helpful charts that illustrate either historical relevance or current trends that should not be ignored.

                                                                                                                       Use the Chartisphere to challenge or confirm your "gut feeling" on markets, or for a quick check on the latest thoughts of two guys who are paying attention.

Have a question you’d like to see discussed by Chris and Jesse?  

Send an email to info@proplanwealth.com titled “Random Gleanings” and we’ll get you an answer either by email or in one of our future episodes.

Random Gleanings: Are Bonds Busted? Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Are Bonds Busted?

Bonds are traditionally thought of as part of an asset allocation strategy that is meant to ballast the overall against downside volatility... and NORMALLY that has been true. Not so much in 2022. Jesse and Chris talk through the difficulty of the year so far, particularly around the fact that "conservative" allocations have seen nearly as much downside performance as the "aggressive" allocations. Very unusual. Additionally, the guys celebrate Moms in advance of Mother's Day and share some lessons they've each learned from the Mom's in their lives. Enjoy, Share & Subscribe!

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Why is the Market Going Down? Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Why is the Market Going Down?

So far this year, markets have been challenging - to say the least. Chris and Jesse work through the big question of WHY? Why are markets going down? AND... if they're going down, why are we invested at all? Big questions which requires humility in attempting answers. That said, it's what Random Gleanings is all about... working through the topics of the day transparently. Hope you enjoy, share and subscribe.

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Bitter Twitter & Netflix Nosedives Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Bitter Twitter & Netflix Nosedives

Random Gleanings answers the trending question of "What's a Poison Pill" as Twitter's Board tries to fend off Elon Musks tender offer to buy the company. Netflix announced their first ever decline in subscribers, while the PP&W channel gained some (THANKS!!). Finally, the guys look at the difficulty that Bonds have had in this wild interest rate environment.

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Keep on Trucking Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Keep on Trucking

With 11 Million open jobs, it's unlikely you are in need of finding work, but if you are looking for a career change consider WalMart Truck Driver! Chris shares some news on that subject in this week's Random Gleanings, and Jesse has already submitted applications for his boys. Beyond that, the guys look at sector performance Year to Date, and revisit a chart on rate hike cycles as the probability of what was to be a slow hiking cycle has moved quickly to a quicker one. Share your questions and comments with us directly at info@proplanwealth.com

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: It Is Time to be Paying Attention Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: It Is Time to be Paying Attention

Last year, inflation was thought to be transitory - it will go away after the post-COVID supply chain improves, right? The story is more complicated, and it has impacts on your portfolio. If you aren't paying attention, it could cost you money. In this edition of Random Gleanings, we discuss some of the implications of Fed decisions in coming weeks, and what's working - along with what's not working currently. If you aren't hearing from your advisor about what's going on, please do reach out to us!

Random Gleanings
Random Gleanings: Who's Right... Bonds or Stocks? Thumbnail

Random Gleanings: Who's Right... Bonds or Stocks?

It has long been said that the Bond Market is "smarter" than the Stock Market. The inference is that signals in the bond market offer an indicator of future economic activity. As you know by now, history is no predictor of the future, but gleaning on the intelligence of bonds, Chris and Jesse discuss what's happening with fixed income rates (ie. bonds) to attempt to decipher if there is any signal in the noise.

Random Gleanings